Chrissy Vinnacombe (9/14/79-1/23/07)




Chrissy was on her way to work in January 2007 and an impaired driver struck her van head on. Chrissy's unborn child, Taylor Rose was killed. Chrissy joined her two weeks later, leaving behind her boys and all of her family. Please watch this video in remembrance of Chrissy and the consequences of driving while impaired.



Summer Marie Pitner (1/21/98 - 9/26/06)



Summer was only 8 years old and riding with her dad when a drunk driver hit their car. The lady was THREE TIMES over the legal limit.



Kelli Lane Lewis (7/18/82 - 1/21/01)



18 year old Kelli unknowingly got in a car with a drunk driver. She, along with 2 others, died as a result of the driver being drunk.